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Bitcoin Falls Below $6000

Re-igniting the fears that the six-month-long sell-off has not exhausted the sellers, Bitcoin prices again fell below $6,000 on Thursday. The volume of Bitcoin has significantly tapered off throughout the current year, which does not bode well for any prospects of market recovery.

For a large part of the day, Bitcoin’s price was stable around $6,100 but at around 21:00 UTC, the price fell below $6,000 and then went downward from there on. Bitcoin fell to $5,873 by 23:45 UTC and continued to hold around that level for some time on Friday morning.

Presently Bitcoin has approximately 42.6% share in the index that roughly converts to $101.3 billion market capitalization. During the last 24 hours, the aggregate value of all cryptocurrencies fell by appx 5% and reached a level of $237.6 billion.