Bitcoin Cash Or Bitcoin Gold: Which One To Invest In?

It is a no brainer at this point in time that Bitcoin Cash is eons ahead of Bitcoin Gold in terms of market prices.

But does that mean you can blindly put your money on Bitcoin Cash and deem it a better investment? I think not.

Let’s analyze and compare the two cryptos before we arrive at a verdict regarding which is the better cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin Cash Predictions

If you have read the Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Cash, then you already have a fair idea about why it is a cryptocurrency par excellence.

With features such as a larger block size than Bitcoin, a stellar team backing the cryptocurrency and listings in major exchanges, the crypto is currently a market favourite.

It has been backed by eminent Bitcoin Evangelist, Roger Ver and he is confident that it is the cryptocurrency of the future. It has already surpassed Bitcoin Satoshi Vision in terms of price and market capitalization, thereby proving it is her for the long run.

Currently the price of Bitcoin Cash is soaring and seeing green, however, the currency is extremely volatile. Investor faith was quite low on the cryptocurrency up until a few days back.

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Bitcoin Gold Predictions

The Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Gold are fairly easy to keep up with. While the crypto offers greater decentralization than Bitcoin, it does have some serious drawbacks.

Investor faith in Bitcoin Gold is currently low due to the scandal that it got involved in very early on. The BTG team were accused of pre-mining thousands of the crypto beforehand, making it a severe treachery on the teams’ part.

What makes Bitcoin Gold a popular cryptocurrency to mine is the fact that it is incredibly easy to mine, making it a good choice to invest in this year.

Currently, the crypto is slipping down the ladder real fast and is trading at $13.01. It is way down the ladder and chances are it will slip below further.

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Going by the current trend in the market and the predictions for the long term, a low risk investment would be Bitcoin Gold, due to the convenience of mining it and its low price at the moment, which might see some gains.

However, Bitcoin Gold is definitely the bigger and better investment here and if you are looking for big gains, that should be your go to crypto for the year 2019. It looks like the crypto is here to stay.

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